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New 8 inch line

With our new 8" line active and in service, customers on the Northwest portion of the system should experience an increase in sustained water pressure.  Customers North of Airport Rd, and West of Brush Creek will be the most impacted by this new line.

Historically, this area of the system, especially areas North of the Turnpike, suffered from lower than desired water pressure.  These customers should now experience an increase in pressure and a decrease in service interuptions.  We are monitoring the effect this new line has on customers in the area and will be making further adjustments to the system as needed in order to ensure our customers experience reliable water service.

Once the new pump station is completed in the next couple of weeks, we will make further adjustments to the system using both pump stations and valve combinations in order to provide better, more reliable and more uniform service to all customers system-wide.

If you have any questions about our ongoing system improvement projects, please feel free to contact us at the office or via e-mail.