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Union Rd Improvements

Beginning on or about Feb 1, we will begin water line work to coincide with county road construction on Union Rd.  Our work will involve replacing/reloacting valves, hydrants, connections and water main line on Union Rd between Lakeview Rd and 32nd St, and will involve moving customer connections from old, small lines to larger water mains. 

Customers may experience service interuptions on several days during the early stages of this work as we work to replace/relocate valves and hydrants on multiple lines to accomodate the waterline changes required by the county road projects.

Later stages of the project will require brief interruptions to individual meters along Union Rd and 19th St as we connect their service(s) to new water mains.

These projects will intially involve upgrading the 2" and 3" water lines on Union Rd to 6" lines, new hydrants at Lakeview Rd, 19th St and 32nd St, and relocating the water main between 19th and 32nd to the west side of the road.  Final stages will invlove moving customers on 19th St between Union and Prairie Rds and customers on Union Rd  between Lakeview Rd and 32nd St from old 2" and 3" mains to the newer, larger mains.  Once all services have been moved from the old lines, those lines will be disconnected and abandoned.

The end result being a more efficient and operationally simpler water system infrastructure in this area of the system resulting in fewer service interruptions to affected customers.  The entire waterline project is expected to take up to three months to complete.