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Billing and Payment Options

Just a reminder of all of our billing and payment options!  You can continue to get a paper bill, get a paper bill AND an eBill, or receive an e-mail copy only.  However you want to personalize billing to best fit your lifestyle.  Plus, getting registered with our online service, even if you are not planning to pay your bill online, you always have access to the most current balance on your account.  Any time.  Any place.  Just click on the green "bill payment" button, then the red "pay your bill now" to get registered. You do not have to pay your bill online just by clicking on the link.  You can pay by phone 2 ways!  Call the office at (405)372-1151, during regular business hours and Megan or Scot can assist you in paying with a credit card or a check-by-phone, or call the toll free number, anytime at 1-877-885-7968.  For all other questions, please call the office (405)372-1151.