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Union Rd, 19th St, Acorn Ln, Idlewild Acres, Burris Rd, Fairgrounds Rd

Beginning on or about May 1, major water line projects to coincide with county road construction will cause service interuptions during the work day as our crew replaces/relocates valves, hydrants and fittings to accomodate county road construction.  The entire project is expected to last several months.

Please ensure we have current contact phone numbers and/or e-mail adresses on file so we can notify you a day or two before an expected service interruption by calling the office at 405-372-1151.

*UPDATE* Aug 16 - No further service disruptions are planned for the Union Rd line replacement between 19th and 32nd or the Burris Rd line replacement between Brush Creek and Fairgrounds.  Line work has not yet begun for Union Rd between McElroy and Lakeview.