Current Projects

Brush Creek Pressure Reducing Valve

A pressure reducing valve is planned for installation along the water main on Brush Creek Rd north of Lone Chimney Rd.  One of our water sources has increased the pressure on the water line serving our system.  This valve will help stabilize water pressure in the 51 East water dsitribution system.

Airport Rd at Prairie Rd Line Extension

A short line extension on Airport Road east of Prairie is in the permitting and pre-construction phase.

Ponderosa Line Extension

A short line extension project to serve several new homes on Ponderosa Rd is currently in the planning and permitting stage.

Jardot @ Airport

We have an ongoing line replacement project on Jardot Rd, north from Airport Rd.

This project will replace the old 2" and 3" lines with a new 8" line serving customers along Jardot north of Airport to the railroad tracks.

Fairgrounds @ Yost

*UPDATE*  This project has grown to extend a line to Kayli Ct with plans to complete the Fairgrounds main to connect between Yost and Burris/VFW roads.

We are in the final stages of a small line extension on Fairgrounds Rd, south from Yost Rd.

Radio Read System

We will be installing transmitters at each meter that will allow us to read the meters utilizing a receiver in our truck.  This system will provide more accurate and timely meter reading and allow the crew to focus on improvements and repairs.  The system will also provide enhanced benefits to our customers such as allowing us to notify you about potential slow leaks or abnormal usage.

We have over 800 installed so far and are getting more in every week!