Current Projects

This list of projects are underway or planned to commence within the next 12 months.  These are projects undertaken by 51 East Water to improve efficiency, quality and service to our members.  It is not a comprehensive list, and projects may be delayed or rescheduled as needed to accomodate more immediate concerns that may arise.

Burris Rd Improvements


As of May 14, 2021 all but 1 service ha1 been transferred to the 6" main.  The remaining services will be moved after the county has completed their planned dirt work and the portion of 6" main near the bridge has been relocated.  We are waiting on parts to complete the Fairgrounds main tie-in.  As soon as the Fairgrounds main tie-in is completed, we will the abandon the 2" main east of the bridge, and all service east of Fairgrounds will be served by the 6" main.


A joint project between 51 East and Payne County District 1 will begin May 2021 on Burris Rd between Brush Creek Rd and Katie Ln.  Payne County is replacing the bridge west of Fairgrounds Rd.  Their plans include straightening the bridge and doing significant sloping of the road banks west of Fairgrounds.

To accomodate the bank sloping, 51 East will relocate a section of our 6" Transmission Main and bore the creek south of the new bridge.  During bridge construction, the main will be closed between fairgrounds and the west side of the bridge.

51 East will also move all customers whose service remains on the 2" main over to the 6" main.  A new 4" bore will be installed to serve customers on Fairgrounds north of Burris.    At the conclusion of the project, the old 2" main will be abandoned and all service will be handled by the 6" main making the system more efficient in this area.

Union Rd Improvements

Beginning May 2021, 51 East Water will begin several waterline projects in conjunction with Payne County road improvements on Union Road.  Our waterline projects will involve the following:

  • New 6” main on the west side of Union Rd from 19th St to 32nd St,
  • New 6” main on the west side of Union Rd from McElroy Rd to Lakeview Rd,
  • Replacement of valves and hydrants at Union and 19th,
  • New hydrants at Union and 32nd, and at Union and Lakeview,
  • Moving existing Union service taps to the new mains,
  • Moving service taps on 19th St between Union and Prairie from the old 2” main to the newer 10” main,
  • Moving service taps on Union between 6th and 19th from the old 3” main to the newer 10” main,
  • Moving the Acorn Ln service main connection from the old 3” main to the newer 10” main, and
  • Resetting any meters that will be affected by the county road work.

Unfortunately, customers served by these mains will experience service outages at times while we complete the necessary valve and tap work to complete this project.  We have a project plan in place that will allow us to limit both the number and duration of these outages.  We ask for your understanding and patience as we work to accommodate the county’s request to modify these lines in preparation for their road improvement projects.  Please contact our office with any questions.

Please ensure we have a current contact number so that we can notify you 24-48 hours prior to any planned service interruption.  Contact our office at 405-372-1151 to verify your contact number.  This notification system is separate from the text alert system.

Old Line Abandonments

The following old and undersized mains are scheduled for abandonment.  All services and connections remaining on these lines will be moved to newer, larger mains.

McElroy 5" Main from Brush Creek to Union Rd.  All services and connections will be moved to 12" McElroy Transmission Main.

Fairgrounds 3" Main from McElroy to Airport Rd.  All services and connections will be moved to the 8" Fairgrounds Transmission Main

Union 5" Main from McElroy to 6th St.  All services and connections will be moved to the 10" Union Transmission Main.

Brush Creek, Prairie, and Union Dsitribution Mains north of McElroy will be moved from the McElroy 5" Main to the 12" Transmission Main

Wild Turkey Service Main will be moved from the 3" McElroy Main to the 8" Fairgrounds Transmission Main.

Lakeview Distribution Main will be moved from the Fairgrounds 3" Main to the 8" Transmission Main.

These will be an ongoing series of projects conducted in stages to limit the number and length of any service interuptions to customers served by these lines.

Pressure Regulating Valve Replacement

*UPDATE* Lone Chimney is still working on their repairs as of May 2021.

51 East Water's Pressure Regulating Valves have been replaced: Brush Creek Rd at Noble Rd and Diamond Valley Rd at Yost Rd. 

We are waiting on Lone Chimney Water Association to complete repairs to their system before we can reopen the master meter connections at these locations.  Once these connections can be repoened we will be able to recalibrate pump pressures and reduce  the highs and lows some customers are experiencing.  Unfortunately, the timing to repoen these connections is out of our control.

Battle Ridge 6

*UPDATE* May 2021: We are currently requesting bids for this project.

A line extension connection our McElroy transmission main to the Highway 51 distribution main is underway.  Once completed this connecting line will provide a second source of water to customers on the southeast portion of our system.  This will provide more reliable water service to these customers and allow us more opportunity to keep service on to as many customers as possible when making repairs.